No Path

by Cracked Vessel

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William Covert
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William Covert Easily one of the most original sounding albums of 2016 that is packed full of different influences and each song glides between various musical genres. Listen from beginning to end, then repeat. Favorite track: No Body.
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Recorded by K. Rasmussen at The Observatory in Chicago. Mixed & mastered by D. Piskula during the summer of The Goat.

Additonal guitar on 'No Body' by J. Jelen

13 cassettes released on 5/14/2016 with bike tube cases
200 black vinyl 12" released on 12/09/2016 on Hip Kid Records


released December 9, 2016

SC - Drums/Lyrics
SM - Bass/Vocals
xHx - Guitar/Vocals



all rights reserved


Cracked Vessel Chicago, Illinois

The path is the goal.

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Track Name: No Life
A crooked arrow
Flying straight
Into the mouth
Of the beast

Fog-enshrouded headstones
in the distance
Piercing the sky,
Haunted by the soulless ghouls
Of commerce
Moneyed robes
mask the obstacles,
Cut down
by my
my blade in flight

Slice through progress
With triumphant regression
The cut draws not blood
But shame and impotence
From the lumbering brutes
Track Name: No Body
I am wed
to my machine
It disgusts you
I am wed
to my machine

My machine-
like grace
As I weave
through this
mobile cemetery

This swift
mechanical fluidity

The liberation
it’s beyond the symbolic:

Piston legs
Headlamp eyes
Engine heart
The nausea
of the imprisoned
Comes in waves
from the
chain gang
Track Name: Bastard Children of Rust
Stripped clean
Neglect nuzzles your frame
One companion left: decay
One companion left: decay

Left with nothing,
each piece stolen away
Shamed in public,
lay naked and bruised
Used up and left to rot
Rust the only release
Track Name: No Passage (The Wind is Our Adversary)
No blade so thin
as to pierce its armor
No blade so strong
as to strike it down
No blade so thin
as to pierce its armor
No blade so strong
as to strike it down

The all-consuming phantasm
Withers the swimming dagger

No matter how strongly forged
Or robust
Surrender, our duplicitous companion,
Is cast to the periphery.
Track Name: Winter's Unsheathed Sword
Nestled in the cloak of summer,
Insidious fall places its hand
On the hilt of the sharpest season
The sword drawn

Any being that crosses its path
Is struck down
Forged in driven snow (and piercing wind,)
Winter’s blade

Renders your armor useless
While lumbering beasts succumb
Our slim daggers remain unbroken
Navigating the walls of white
The gleaming sword shone
In all its hideous glory
We face it with reverence and awe
This all-consuming blade
Track Name: No Family (Family Limitation for Margaret Sanger)
Overpopulated wasteland
A woman’s absolute choice is the solution

Barricade against parasitic invaders, deny entrance to the sacred castle
Banished babies’ souls float up to heaven

Only to be bored to a second death
By proselytizing drones
The female body, a temple

The parasite has no right
To befoul the holy sanctuary
Vacate the premises
Before another victim of existence
Drags its slime trail across the foul earth

Her womb is hers
So get the fuck out of the way (asshole)
Track Name: City of Hunched Shoulders
The grim determination of taking pride
In blighted ruin
The polish applied only to those
Sanctified areas where the
White Gleam is blinding

We pull our coats tighter
We hunch into the drops
In a futile denial of the
Expansive revolving void

Empty insignias of mediocrity
Flags to displace the mundane alienation
The 5 stars won’t glow in the deep shadows
Of the moneyed concrete and steel tombstones
Civic pride a ghost story
For frigid stroller pushers
And privileged ghouls

dead end,
The path rendered
null and void
Go back to hell
Track Name: No Mend
As I traverse the wretched city
Only the bitter cold gives me hope
Of there being a finality to all this
Constant weaving in and out
of sick humanoids
Automatons disconnected
from the stark freeze

The age
finally upon us

The age
finally upon us

Welcome the absence and lack
With open arms
Mobile coffins
May a shroud of snow
render you inert

For eternity
Your last days spent shivering
While we rejoice
Our end
is your