Path IV

by Cracked Vessel

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Recorded by J. Jelen at Superior St in Chicago during the winter of The Horse.

Auxiliary audio by J. Oberman. Cassette-only soundscape by A. French.

Released as a cassette tape, self-released and limited to 50 copies.


released November 21, 2014

SC - Drums/Lyrics
SM - Bass/Vocals
xHx - Guitar/Vocals



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Cracked Vessel Chicago, Illinois

The path is the goal.

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Track Name: Effigy Vessel
Your vehicle remains
A hollow shell
Your vehicle remains
Rolling to nowhere

A vacant mask,
devoid of substance
A vacant mask,
Devoid of -

Merely pedaling in place
Working furiously
Merely pedaling in place
to remain sedentary

(The sweating statue of vapid nobility)

A vacant mask,
devoid of substance
A vacant mask,
Devoid of
Track Name: Truncated Night of One Thousand Failures
is a steady
As we hurdle

How many times / can we break through
Before our frames / turn to dust?
Punctured and flat
Sent to molder and rust

The sweat evaporates
And returns to the Earth
The dirt takes back
what it has wrought

The seemingly ceaseless
turning and cranking
Ends in the deepest shade
of incomprehension

Our perch on the saddle,
A throne of gorgeous denial
The ride a displacement
of the claws at our backs

Prompting us to speed
into the infinite mouth
of the inevitable
Swallowing all (swallow)
on this treacherous path (treacherous)
Of steep inclines (steep)
and hammering hearts
Track Name: Broken Lines of Opulent Majesty

To the periphery

Symbolic white line prison
An invisible cage
for the rolling rats

To the periphery

A stampede of soulless automatons rules the streets

Use the chain
Defeat neglect
A prison break
Into the realm
Track Name: The Gypsy Removes His Bandage/In Search of the Lost Path
Our penchant
for nostalgia
Seeps into
the psychic cracks
It poisons
our present
The mind detaches
from the Now
Only to float
into the rose-scented fog
of the past
Pull back the gauze
To reveal the scars
of yesterday
The beacon light of misery
Shone through the mist

Romantic exaltation crumbles

And the ruined estate comes into view
Gaze through the pinpricks of light

On the endless black canvas

And the mind’s eye meets the blaze of ruination
Light created by the burning memories
Of days gone by
The peripheral fire may lead us off the perceived dark path

Shed the past poisons (The search continues)
The search is not yet over
First crawl, then walk
Now ride to the glorious future